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Bear and Moose Hunting in
New Brunswick, Canada

Bear and Moose Hunting in New Brunswick, Canada with Bear Addiction Outfitters. With over 70 years hunting and fishing experience at your disposal, our guides are known for successful bear and moose hunts, as well as small game. New Brunswick offers magnificent forests, with a mix of soft and hard wood stands, and an abundance of lakes, rivers and swamps. Our forests are a hunter’s paradise for wildlife such as Black Bear, Moose and small game. Our hunting packages are all-inclusive, including lodging, all meals, transportation to and from the local airport and our lodge, transportation from our lodge to the hunting sites, and the preparation of your trophy (skinning). Local butchering and taxidermy services are also available.

Our hunters come back year after year for that huge trophy animal. If you would like more information or to book your hunt with Havers Hunting Lodge, contact us today. At Bear Addiction Outfitters, we promise you the thrill and adventure of a lifetime.




Price: $1899 – Group Discounts Availableblack-bear-hunting-new-brunswick

We have a very high bear population (approximately 17,000 in New Brunswick). This enables us to harvest some of the biggest Black Bears year after year! The average bear is 200-300 lbs., but 300-500 lbs are possible. We have over 50 baited sites and stands (for gun or bow), as well as a shooting range and decoy for bow hunters. Our hunters are consistently shooting Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett trophies.



Price: $3500 – (License not included)Moose

Moose hunting is a 5 day hunt in late September when the Bulls are in full rut. Early mornings or late evenings are usually prime time to call in your trophy moose. The average bull moose has between 40″-50” spread; it is not uncommon to get a bull over 60″! Our guides make Moose Hunting in New Brunswick an experience of a lifetime!




Our hunting packages are all-inclusive: lodging, all meals, transportation to and from the local airport and our lodge, transportation from our lodge to hunting sites and the preparation of your trophy.





We have partnered with the Island Lake Club where we will be housing our hunters. The comfortable cottages can lodge up to six people. Each cottage offers a fully equipped kitchen and dining/living room.




During the months of May through September, we offer some of the best salmon fishing in North America. Whether it’s a private lake, or some awesome fishing on the famous Nepisiguit River we have it all!



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“Bear Addiction Outfitters was a great experience. I will definitely be hunting with them again this year.” ~Dave R.